Bathe in chalk paint?

I love this chalk paint so much I stalk the store waiting for it to open to buy more! I wish I could say that was a joke, but it isn’t. The funny part is, when I went the last time, I was the 2nd person waiting for the door to unlock! Some days, I get ready for bed and it looks as though I’ve bathed myself in it because I’ve been just painting away. I just adore the softness of this paint and the way it brings out the details the original crafter put into the pieces. There is something to be said for bringing life into these old pieces of furniture. It’s therapeutic. Here are two pieces I’ve recently finished. Stay tuned for upcoming stuff too….

I sell these pieces locally so if you’re in the Colorado Springs area, feel free to inquire about the items you see. Thank you so much for stopping by!

I’m off to get crazy creating,


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